Re: DXK Log not remembering display panels on exit and load


Check each of those panels for a flashing blue or red label.  DXK uses this to alert you to missing or invalid values in the field whose label is flashing.  If you find and correct the data, the extra panels will not display automatically.


Dave, N2DPF

On 11/27/2019 7:40 AM, wb6bee wrote:
I set up my DXK log display to show Only the User Defined Panel.    I have only the User Defined Panel checked in the Configuration.    I exit DXK and when it returns, it has the QSL, AUX panel and the User Defined Panel display,   It completely changes the configuration on the monitor.   I check configuration and it has checked the QSL, AUX and the User Panels in Configuration, by itself.

Up until recently, it remembered it's display format and would load in the format that it exited.   

Cannot find the problem


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