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Mike Flowers

I’ll have to check this out to verify, but I think if you post a spot through the DXSummit website, you get tagged with the -@. My DXLab spots sent to a cluster don’t have this.

Just a guess ...

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On Nov 24, 2019, at 9:37 AM, D. Scott MacKenzie <kb0fhp@...> wrote:

I am looking at DX Summit right now, and see 7 of them. Looks like it is a spotter rather than a spot.

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+ AA6YQ comment sbelow

The calls with -@ at the end are the problem (e.g. w#XX-@). I have collected hundreds of these bogus call signs/reports over the years in a BadSource file. This is the only way I have found to get rid of them. A way to universally block them would be great but short of that you can start your own BadSource file in Spot Collector.

+ George, did you retain any examples of the bogus spots being generated from DX Summit? If so, I'd appreciate it if you would post some examples here. Thanks!


Dave, AA6YQ

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