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Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

I have been looking through the documentation for this question - but no help found so far.

When I converted from DXBase to DXK, many of the incoming records did not contain grid squares and a default of "JJ00aa" was entered in "grid 1".

+ That means those QSOs specified a latitude of 0 and a longitude of 0.

Also when I use Capture, its grid 1 field has that too. I think I would rather just have the grid 1 field be blank unless there is some reason for it to default to JJ00aa.

+ If you imported a QSO with P5DX that specifies a grid1 of JJ00aa, have DXKeeper configured to lookup previous QSOs when logging a new QSO, and use the Capture window to log a new QSO with P5DX, the Capture window's grid1 item will be set to JJ00aa. If this doesn't explain what you're observing, please describe step-by-step the actions you are taking that results in the Capture window's grid1 item being set to JJ00aa.


Dave, AA6YQ

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