Re: Graphically display DXCC Entities either QSL'd or lacking QSL

Jim McPhee


Thanks for pointing me in the right direction! I am having difficulty getting the details that I'd like to see displayed on the DX View World Map and then Google Earth:
Following the help instructions in this area:

Displaying DXCC Entity Award Progress on the built-in World Map window
checkboxes in the Log sub-panel:
for example:
displays a red circle in each DXCC entity that has not been worked "on each active band and active mode"

How can I configure it to display each DXCC entity for each of those four checkboxes regardless of whether "...on each active band and active mode" but rather on "any" of the active bands or modes?

Also, this link, a couple of lines further down, is busted:

DXCC Entities can in parallel be displayed on Google Earth; the location of each Entity will be marked with a yellow thumbtack labeled with the Entity's DXCC Prefix.

And a tiny point, I'm not seeing the "yellow thumbtack". Instead I see a red circle with a black star inside it.

Jim McPhee
Placitas, NM

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