Re: My number of Duplicate calls to upload is growing (LOTW) ?

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

Where do I set "LoTW QSL Sent" item of QSO accepted by LoTW is set to 'Y'"? What does "U" signify?

+ The "LoTW QSL Sent" item is displayed in the "Online QSL" panel above the Log Page Display on the Main window's LoTW QSOs tab. You can optionally add a column for "LotW QSL Sent" to the "Log Page Display.

+ As documented in

+ a 'U' in the "LoTW QSL Sent" item means "uploaded to LoTW"

+ a 'Y' in the "LoTW QSL Sent" item means "accepted by LoTW"; this value is set when a "Sync LoTW QSOs" operation reports the QSO as "accepted".

I looked up a few QSOs from the QSL Que; all had QSL send and rcvd as blank (the pull down options are; N, R, Y, I).

+ A QSO's "QSL Sent" and "QSL Rcvd" items record the state of its confirmation via QSL cards. The state of these items is irrelevant to interactions with loTW.

Under DXKeeper QSL tab QSL Config/LotW/ ' "initialize LotW Sent to 'R' for each logged QSO or imported QSO is checked

+ That's correct. It means that each new logged QSO will have its "LoTW QSL Sent" item set to 'R', so it will be added to the QSL Queue when you set the "QSL Via" panel to LoTW and then click the "Add Requested" button (on the Main window's QSL tab).

also, "Consider LotW confirmations in outgoing card/label QSL? 'please/thanks!' decisions" is checked

+ That means an outgoing QSL card or label won't ask your QSO partner to respond with a QSL card if they've already confirmed the QSO via LoTW.

and in order to upload, I also check "Permit uploading of QSOs already uploaded to LotW"

+ You must determine why QSOs you've added to the QSL Queue are not being uploaded to LoTW when you click the "Upload to LoTW" button. What is the contents of the "Station Callsign" item in these logged QSOs? What "station callsign" is specified in the TQSL panel at the bottom of the "QSL Configuration window's LoTW tab?


Dave, AA6YQ

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