Re: My number of Duplicate calls to upload is growing (LOTW) ?

WA8Y Steven

Where do I set "LoTW QSL Sent" item of QSO accepted by LoTW is set to 'Y'"?   What does "U" signify?

I looked up a few QSOs from the QSL Que; all had QSL send and rcvd as blank (the pull down options are; N, R, Y, I).
Under DXKeeper QSL tab QSL Config/LotW/ ' "initialize LotW Sent to 'R' for each logged QSO or imported QSO is checked,
also, "Consider LotW confirmations in outgoing card/label QSL? 'please/thanks!' decisions" is checked,  and in order to upload, I also check "Permit uploading of QSOs already uploaded to LotW"

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