Re: Both QSL and Online QSL

ND9G Mike

Do you possible have DXKeeper configured to require you to click the Edit button before you can make changes to a record?

Click the Config button | Go to the General tab of the configuration window, and look for that setting in the Main "Log QSOs" option panel.

If this setting is enabled, you need to click the Edit button log page display to be able to change the values.

And as Iain mentioned, each type of confirmation, has its own set of dates.

Mike ND9G

On Tue, Nov 12, 2019 at 11:14 AM Jim NO0B <jnmeade@...> wrote:
I exchanged contacts with a station and it is a QSL in LoTW and so indicates in DXKeeper LoTW panel.  The station sent a paper QSL card and requests one in return.  I'd like to note that in the QSL card panel but can't get it to take any changes or additions.  Note that the dates of the paper transaction would be different than the electronic one in LoTW QSL in DXKeeper and in LoTW.

Can I have two or more entries with different dates for the exact same contact?  If so, how, please?
Jim NO0B

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