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Rod Greene

Dave and all - Thanks for the suggestions but none have worked. Here's what is happening:

1. Starting with all Suite applications closed (not just minimized but closed). I first open Commander and then DXK using Launcher.

2. After DXK opens, it is showing the QSL and Auxiliary panels. Note: I have not clicked on New nor do I have Capture open.

3. I uncheck the box for the QSL panel. I also check to make sure it is not checked in Config. I have only Auxiliary checked in both places at this time. I have not started any activity. Note: I have saved this layout and made sure the saved config file is the one showing selected in Config.

4. I close DXK.

5. I open DXK again via Launcher.

6. Now both the QSL and Auxiliary panels open with DXK.

Why does the QSL panel continue to open even though it has not been selected anywhere.

Thanks and 73, Rod/w7zrc

On Monday, November 11, 2019, 5:09:39 PM MST, Dave AA6YQ <aa6yq@...> wrote:

+ AA6YQ comments below

I'm sure this is a simple thing but  one I cannot seem to find -

When I open DXK via Launcher, three panels open: QSO; Auxiliary; and QSL.

I only want QSO and Aux to open. I have saved my desired panel settings in the Config menu but the three still open instead of just two.

What am I missing?

+ That means you have selected the Log Page Display entry for a QSO that DXKeeper considers "broken", meaning that one or more of its items contain invalid data, or that one or more critical items are not specified. In this circumstance, DXKeeper automatically enables the panels necessary to draw your attention to the items in question by flashing their labels in blue or red font, depending on the severity of the situation. See



            Dave, AA6YQ

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