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CSM\(r\) Gary Huber - AB9M

I MUST terminate Winwarbler to run WSJT-X (may be the way I have WW configured) with my FLEX 6600. And I don't run WSJT-X when running WinWarbler modes.

Also I save a Band/Mode/Application "profile" for the FLEX/Maestro once I have a configuration which works. I find that terminating WW and loading the 160 DigiU for WSJT-X is pretty fast or terminating WSJT-X, loading WW and PSK and then reloading the 160 PSK profile is more reliable and faster for me.

I have not tried the two slice configuration, but I'll bet you have to maintain A slice and B slice DAX configurations so that A slice DAX is set for TX and RX with B slice using a different set.


Gary ~ AB9M

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I have a Flex 6500 which those who have them know you can have multiple receive slices. I going into a Digital contest where both WSJT and PSK can be used. I have set up my transceiver for two slices. I have WSJT in FT8 mode looking through slice A and setup WinWarbler to look at Slice B. All works well on receive. The question is, what is the best way to switch between WSJT and PSK (WinWarbler) for transmitting?

+ Terminating the application you're not using will certainly work.

VFO control is a little mixed up as well.

+ What does "a little mixed up" mean?

Just asking if there is a way to have more direct control over Xmit.

+ What does "more direct control over Xmit" mean?


             Dave, AA6YQ

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