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Alan Swinger

Joe/all - As indicated in prior note, xmit work OK w/ soundcard Transmit set to SPDIF Interface (2-USB Advance). However, only intermittently does WW read text and am not seeing the clear Ovals. In Soundcard Reception have tried PSK & RTTY Reception in the Three settings available: Windows Default Soundcard; MIC (Realtech Audio); and MIC (2-USB Advance). In the Windows and 2-USB settings the visual presentation (where the ovals should be) is a highly concentrated blob in the middle. In the Realtech Audio setting I see a large noise blob w/o signal and deformation with signal approaching ovals.

Seems like this should not be this hard! Thoughts appreciated.
Thanks - Alan K9MBQ

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Tks, Joe. Transmit works OK, but need an RTTY sig to check Recv. Have Soundcard setting for Receive on MIC (Realtech audio) (vice Windows Default audio or MIC (2-usb adv audio)) - waiting to chk w/ a signal. - Alan K9MBQ

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K3 Line Out and Line In are analog audio. They should be
connected to mic or analog Line IN an speaker or analog
line out on any sound card. The K3 can not connect to an
SPDIF (optical) connection.

If your Startech sound card is ICUSBAUDIO2D, connect the
K3 Line In to the jack marked with the headphones and
the K3 Line Out to the jack marked with the microphone.


... Joe, W4TV

On 2019-10-20 8:13 PM, Alan Swinger wrote:
Despite prior help I am unable to work RTTY on my K3 using the startech external soundcard (connected to a USB port) with my Win 10 PC and Winwarbler. K3 is set to Line In. K3 Line in connected to soundcard SPDF Line out; K3 Line out connected to MIC on Soundcard. I can key the transmitter from Winwarbler, but I cannot read any signals heard.
Soundcard settings in WW:
- PSK & RTTY Reception - Windows Default
- PSK & RTTY Transmit - SPDIF Interface (2-USB Advance)
- Mixer Adjust - MIC-2USB Adv
- RTTY Demod Audio Channel - Mono

K3 is in Data mode w/ AFSK selected.

Don't know what I am missing or doing wrong. Help appreciated.
Thanks - Alan K9MBQ

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