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Dave AA6YQ

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Still learning my way around this amazing bundle of software --

I'm trying to learn to use the Capture Window for DXKeeper. When I enter a call and tab it fills some information but does not show the az heading. I understand from the help that it will fill the heading from previous QSOs but is that the only way it looks up this info? In my example , using 5K0K, I have worked them a couple of times already but it does not fill the az heading in Capture. It does fill the az heading in Spot Collector and DXView okay. I've looked in the documentation for Capture, but not finding an answer.

I'll try pasting a screen shot - hope it works.

+ Screen shots aren't conveyed here.

+ If you click on the Log Page Display entry for any logged QSO, DXView's Main window will display the short-path and long-path headings for the great-circle path between your QTH and that of your QSO partner.

+ What the Capture window logs in its "Az" item is the last short-path or long-path heading that DXView sent to your antenna rotator; this information is displayed immediately above the SP and LP buttons on DXView's Main window. This enables you to accurately record skew paths and other unusual propagation events.

+ If you don't have a directional antenna, then you don't know what path your signals have taken, so there is no "Az" item to record.


Dave, AA6YQ

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