Re: Save Settings To Workspace

Dave AA6YQ

I set up a workspace for backup-recovery. After invoking "Save Settings to Workspace" how do I know the process occurred?

+ No error message appeared informing you of a failure.

I don't recall seeing a message. Is there a way to easily inspect the file so I can tell the action happened?

+ Using Windows Explorer, navigate to the Launcher's Workspaces folder; it will contain a folder for each Workspace you've created. Each such folder contains a file for each of your applications containing its settings. Don't attempt to open these files, as by default Windows will load the settings they contain into the Windows Registry.

Is there an easy way to automate the save-to-workspace process, for example, an option screen comes up every time apps are terminated through Launcher (but see my other question about apps that don't start and stop through Launcher)? Or maybe I should figure out how to write a batch file to do this? (I have a friend who can write batch files and maybe I can get him to teach me.) I'm trying to make the backup/recovery process as painless as possible. I've been reading your help files on the subject and hope I didn't miss anything that answers my question.

+ It is only appropriate to update a Workspace after making permanent changes to an application's settings. The low frequency of this action does not merit automation.


Dave, AA6YQ

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