Re: Launcher Operation and Configuration

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

In the help file talking about using workspaces as a way to build and switch between several configuration this line occurs:
"terminate all DXLab applications except the Launcher; the Launcher's Terminate button is a convenient way to do this"
At the suggestion of a more experienced DXLab user, I do not run View or SpotCollector through the Launcher, rather, I leave them on all the time. When I get ready for a radio session, I turn them off, invoke Launcher and after the other applications are loaded I load View and SC again individually so they communicate with Commander.

1. The Terminate button obviously doesn't work in the case such as mine. Perhaps there should be a master terminate button that would turn off all DXLab apps even if they weren't loaded through Launcher?

+ You can use the Terminate button to terminate most of your DXLab applications, and manually terminate SpotCollector and DXView by clicking the X buttons in the upper-right corner of their Main windows.

2. Do you have any observations on the pros and cons of running DXLab suites which don't start and terminate through Launcher - am I engage in a bad practice?

+ You can start/terminate DXLab applications using whatever mechanism you find most convenient.


Dave, AA6YQ

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