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Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

If a particular station is spotted on 160 meters, is there a way fro spot collector to text me? If I send an email to my cell phone 2155551212@..., the email will be received as a text message.

+ As Gil W0MN pointed out, this article explains how to configure SpotCollector to send email to a specified address whenever Spot Database Entry is created for a station with whom a QSO would advance your award status:


+ To have SpotCollector send you email when a Spot Database Entry is created for a specific callsign on 160m, replace step 6 of those instructions with

6. in the "Email Alarm trigger" panel,

6a. select the "SQL expression" option

6b. paste an SQL expression like this one into the large box to the right of the "SQL expression" option:

(callsign = 'W0MN') and (band = '160m')

6c. test this by directing SpotCollector to generate a local spot for callsign on 160m


Dave, AA6YQ

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