Re: VK9NC not Norfolk?

Robert T


You need to ad an over ride to the override list in  DXView.

Open DXView, select CONFIG, in the new window select the Override List tab.

At the bottom select NEW, this gives you a blank line to type in.

Type in the following: Your time zone will be different but the rest will be the same.


When you are done, Hit the SAVE button on the bottom.

You may need to restart DXView. 

Close it and reopen DXView.

VK9NC should now come up as Norfolk.


Bob - K2RET

On October 18, 2019 at 9:26 AM "Björn Ekelund, SM7IUN" <bjorn@...> wrote:

DXView seems to wrongly consider VK9NC to be Cocos Islands (VK9C). Is it just me?

Björn SM7IUN

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