Re: VK9NC not Norfolk?

Dave AA6YQ

* More AA6YQ comments below

> + AA6YQ comments below

> + If there's not a more recent policy announcement from ACMA, then > all VK9 callsigns are ambiguous as to location, and will require > overrides to be defined for an accurate location fix.

The 2009 information from WIA/ACMA is the most recent to the best of my knowledge. However, since *most* operations continue to request calls that conform to the "old" '4th character' paradigm, the DXCC Database maps VK9C = Cocos, VK9L = Lord Howe, VK9M = Mellish, VK9W = Willis, VK9X = Christmas, and all other VK9 = Norfolk.

This appears to match what is done by both Clublog and AD1C's CTY/Big CTY files although some of the "contest specific" CTY files (issued before ARRL DX, CQWW, etc.) contain overrides for any "nonconforming" calls announced for a given contest. However, since the CTY format does not provide for start/end dates and callsigns can be reissued for use from other entities, those limited duration callsigns are not found in the BigCTY file and often disappear in the next routine CTY file.

Dave, it seems to me that it would be safe to remove the "hard coded" 'fifth character' check. I suspect the only time it would be appropriate is for "Foundation class" licensees (e.g., VK9Fxxx) and not likely to be encountered with serious DXPeditions.

+ That makes sense, Joe. I'm going to wait to hear what Björn SM7IUN learns from Michael G7VJR about Club Log's handling of VK9 callsigns; though the change you suggest is straightforward, it must be applied to DXKeeper, DXView, and SpotCollector - so I'd like to do this exactly once.


Dave, AA6YQ

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