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Dave AA6YQ

Gene W3UA: my apologies. I misunderstood your "hardly usable" comment to mean "hardly usable today", but your comment clearly applied to LoTW and TQSL as initially designed. Your characterization of LoTW and TQSL at that time is accurate.


Dave, AA6YQ

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+ AA6YQ comments below

LOTW system was built around PKI (Public Key Infrastructure), and initially was designed pretty secure (and thus hardly useable).

+ Your claim that PKI is "hardly usable" is demonstrably false. The LoTW database is DXView's Databases folder contains more than 130 thousand callsigns that use LoTW.

+ Yes, the initial implementations of TQSL and TQSLCert were difficult to use, with poor support for common usage scenarios, ambiguous and inconsistent terminology, confusing and erroneous error messages, latent defects, and no user documentation. Over the past 6 years, these two applications were combined into a single application with a reasonably modern user interface. A glossary was established to drive consistency across the user interface, error messages, and documentation. TQSL now provides direct support for frequent usage scenarios, simplifying "initial signup", and reducing callsign certificate renewal and most new callsign certificate requests to a few mouse clicks.

+ Critique of LoTW that is not specific to DXLab should be posted here:


+ Anyone can join the ARRL-LoTW group; ARRL membership is not a prerequisite.


Dave, AA6YQ

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