Re: VK9NC not Norfolk?

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

I am not aware of any documentation either way. But judging from the call signs of the past few years activations it seems to be the fourth character that determines the DXCC entity.

The fact that neither Big CTY nor Club Log offer an exception/override to me suggests there is an actual rule.

Club Log considers any VK9 call to be Norfolk except those that have C (Cocos), L (Lord Howe), M (Mellish), W (Willis) or X (Christmas) as the fourth character. From where Mike got this information, I do not know. I will ask him. I am already in contact with him through my work with the DXLog Live Stream gateway for Club Log.

+ OK. Paul N1BUG just cited

+ which says

"Under the new provisions, all VK9 licensees, including overseas visitors, will be able to operate under the portable provisions of the Amateur Licence Conditions Determination in any External Territory or mainland state or territory. The issue about the callsign identifying the location, attracted the most interest. Callsigns allocated to amateur licences authorising operation in the External Territories will no longer contain a letter indicating a specific operating location. VK9 callsigns will continue to reflect the licence category (Advanced, Standard or Foundation)."

+ This is dated 2009-10-21.

+ Michael G7VJR operated from Norfolk Island a few years ago, and so may well have additional information.

+ If there's not a more recent policy announcement from ACMA, then all VK9 callsigns are ambiguous as to location, and will require overrides to be defined for an accurate location fix.


Dave, AA6YQ

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