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Dave AA6YQ

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On 10/18/19 4:35 PM, Dave AA6YQ wrote:
I was not aware of the "fifth character" rule. It seems the
Austrialian authorities since then have switched to using > the
fourth, considering many recent DXpeditions such as VK9MA, VK9CZ,
VK9NC etc.
Actually I believe there has been a change. I recall many years ago having correspondence with you about this, Dave, after I found information describing the then current situation. At that time, if it was a two letter suffix, then the first letter of the suffix denoted the DXCC entity; if it was a three letter suffix then the second letter denoted the DXCC entity.

I seem to recall more recently it was announced that that VK9 call signs would no longer be issued according to the old rules and that it would no longer be possible to determine the DXCC entity based on a VK9 callsign. This is the most current information I can find at the moment:

+ Thanks, Paul! Here's what the last paragraph says:

"Under the new provisions, all VK9 licensees, including overseas visitors, will be able to operate under the portable provisions of the Amateur Licence Conditions Determination in any External Territory or mainland state or territory. The issue about the callsign identifying the location, attracted the most interest. Callsigns allocated to amateur licences authorising operation in the External Territories will no longer contain a letter indicating a specific operating location. VK9 callsigns will continue to reflect the licence category (Advanced, Standard or Foundation)."


Dave, AA6YQ

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