Re: difficulty with LOTW upload

Jon Baker

No hardware or software changes that I am aware of 
I reverted to a previous restore point 10/08/19 last week tuesday
with no improvement
I also loaded 2 previous issues of DXK  with no improvement
it seems that the last Sync of Lotw was 10/13/19  I dont recall 
any errors with the Sync at that time.
one thing I didnt do yet is to go back to a previous WSpace 
I created a new WS when the error in the DXK headder line had
something to do with Contest  ?  cleared  I didnt do anything knowingly 
to clear it I was verifying the settings on the different config screens in DXK
by opening the diffeerent screens and observing the settings looking for something
that might or might no be correct 

Stan N1ZX

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