Re: Thank you Dave!

Phil, WF3W

Hey OM,
U have my deepest, most profound sympathies! And, unfortunately, empathies.
AFTER the 1903 update, my computer bcame a boat anchor, in the meag-tonnage range! There is a way to beat MS, with their own website, however. There r 2 utilities to REinstall 1903 - or any destructive debacle MS sends our way:


These tools allow u to [re]install WINDOWS without losing anything, including files, data & god knows what else. Tech-types will say the install SNAFU is due to junk on ur system, corrupted files, et al., necessary for updates. I regret I cant proffer step-by-step instructions, but these are what u need.

As author of Dummies for WINDOWS 10 says, "the only thing we can b r victims"!

Good luck, 73

Phil, WF3W




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