Re: using dx commander with satpc32 questions

Bill Pence

I'll try that. The satpc32 com port I did not see a change, so its not configured.


On Mon, Sep 30, 2019, 8:07 PM Joe Subich, W4TV <lists@...> wrote:


You likely have an error on the "Multi-Radio" tab ...

Make sure the COM port # for the SatPC32 port is set to '-'
(the last entry, below COM64) so that Commander releases
the CAT port when SatPC32 is selected.

Note: you must also select SatPC32 as the radio before you
start SatPC32 (if Commander has been running in "direct"
- HF mode).


    ... Joe, W4TV

On 2019-09-30 5:26 PM, Bill Pence wrote:
> 1st and most importantly, THANKS!! the capture window populates
> well.
> I seem to have a couple of odd things with the serial port
> controlling the radio.
> if I open satpc32, and get it connected to the radio, then open
> commander (last commander mode was satpc32...) commander complains
> that it cannot open serial port.  I think I configured the multi
> radio interface configuration correctly, and commander has satpc32
> selected when it starts. but commander still seems to try to capture
> the CAT com port? (I get error pop up "unable to open com3"  2x when
> commander starts.)
> also if i have commander open and in "direct" mode (not saptc32...)
> then select satpc32 mode, the  open satpc32, satpc32 cannot connect
> to the radio serial port.  I need to close commander, the open
> satpc32, then open commander. so commander might not be freeing the
> cat com port?
> did I miss some config to allow easy switching? I am running windows
> 7 pro SP1, 64 bit. satpc32 V.12.8d (registered version) commander
> version 14.2.6 my radio is FT-847 with FTDI USB serial interface
> COM3
> I'll try to gather any debug info to help...
> thanks. > KI4US> bill pence

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