using dx commander with satpc32 questions

Bill Pence

1st and most importantly, THANKS!! the capture window populates well.  
I seem to have a couple of odd things with the serial port controlling the radio.
if I open satpc32, and get it connected to the radio, then open commander (last commander mode was satpc32...)
commander complains that it cannot open serial port.  I think I configured the multi radio interface configuration correctly, and commander has
satpc32 selected when it starts. but commander still seems to try to capture the CAT com port?
(I get error pop up "unable to open com3"  2x when commander starts.)

also if i have commander open and in "direct" mode (not saptc32...) then select satpc32 mode, the  open satpc32, satpc32 cannot connect to the radio serial port.  I need to close commander, the open satpc32, then open commander. so commander might not be freeing the cat com port?

did I miss some config to allow easy switching? I am running windows 7 pro SP1, 64 bit. 
satpc32 V.12.8d (registered version)
commander version 14.2.6
my radio is FT-847 with FTDI USB serial interface COM3

I'll try to gather any debug info to help...
bill pence

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