Re: USA-CA Counties Report

Dave AA6YQ

# more AA6YQ comments below

*** thanks for the suggestion. However the QSOs I indicated above do not appear in the DxK report (done without any filter and neither if just filtered by eQSL-AG). The QSOs are not confirmed by Card and the calls are eQSL-AG (i.e. W7ZR, NZ4CW,N0AV, etc.)

# W7ZR is not listed in the 2019-09-22 eQSL AG database maintained by DXView. I just downloaded the list of AG users from eQSL, and W7ZR is still not present.

# Examine the QSOs in question in DXKeeper; are their "eQSL Member" items set to A ?

*** Last request to you: How can I sort ALL my QSOs having the same "secondary_administrative_subdivision" - sec sub - in Award main pane? For example AZ, Mohave? Which SQL?

# Sorting the Log Page Display does not involve the use of SQL. See the 3rd paragraph in


# Then sort the Log Page Display by the CNTY field.


Dave, AA6YQ

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