Re: New/digi modes

Phil, WF3W

Hi Tammie + the group,
Tammie, pse allow me to welcum u, even if belatedly! Ur issues have helped me enormously, with special reference to RTTY tuning [Dave had a hand in this, also : O)]
I have the FT-991A. For what u may garner from my xperience, I had trouble with SCU-17 drivers and not just initially. I proffer looking at ur Sci-Lab drivers; try to ferret-out if ur using the STANDARD or ENHANCED drivers. It has the potential - not the promise - of solving problems that intertwine themselves around & thru Yaesu CAT commands. This goes triple after M-soft updates destroy and CHANGE settings, et al.
Dave's critque on SCU-17 hyas more info than I have been able to SQUEEZE/force/cajole out of Yaesu!
I wish u DXCC in 3 days & WAS in, say, 2 hours. On every band in every mode.
Phil, WF3W

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