Re: Reconstructing VHF Contest Log

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

In last weekend's September VHF contest I attempted to run SO2R with two instances of WSJT-X controlled by N1MM+ per the setup instructions in the N1MM+ documentation. That ran OK for a short while before N1MM+ and the two instances of WSJT-X stopped communicating and stopped logging. Up to that point, five separate logs came into play (N1MM+ log and an ADIF and "Contest" log from each of the two WSJT-X instances). At that point I abandoned the N1MM+ and WSJT-X slaved operation and reverted to my original standalone setup in order to at least get an electronic log in DXKeeper. My standalone setup does not make use of N1MM+ at all. It just uses two instances of WSJT-X (one for 6m and the other for 2m/70cm) with two instances of JTAlertX feeding the contest QSOs into DXK. SSB QSos were put manually into DXK. Now I need to assemble a consolidated Cabrillo log to submit my contest results. Here's my plan to do that, but I'd like some advice first before I go astray:

1. Start with a DXK backup (of course)

2. Export the runt N1MM+ log in ADIF format for import into DXK

3. Slice out the relevant portions of each WSJT-X ADIF log for import into DXK

+ I would instead start by creating an empty new log in DXKeeper. Import all of relevant sources of contest QSOs into this new log, with duplicate checking enabled. When you have acquired all contest QSOs, export an ADIF file, open your "normal" log, and import the ADIF file you just exported. To avoid future confusion. delete the log you created to assemble your contest QSOs.

4. Have DXK generate the Cabrillo file (after I tag each of the relevant QSOs with a CONTEST ID).

+ That's unlikely to work. DXKeeper's ability to generate a Cabrillo file depends on your logging exchange information as prescribed in the contest's entry in the table in


+ It's unlikely that the QSOs imported from N1MM and WSJT-X conform to these requirements. You may be able to put things in the right place using the "Modify QSOs" function; if you attempt this, be sure to backup your log before trying (Configuration window, Log tab, Backup button).

Do I need any sort of special ADIF header for the carved-out ADIF files from the WSJT-X logs (I notice that the N1MM+ ADIF header includes a Contest Name)? Or can I just get by with a null header, <EOH> and <EOR>?

+ A one-character header followed by <EOH> will certainly be sufficient. Each ADIF record must be terminated with <EOR>


Dave, AA6YQ

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