Reconstructing VHF Contest Log

Walter Miller, AJ6T

In last weekend's September VHF contest I attempted to run SO2R with two instances of WSJT-X controlled by N1MM+ per the setup instructions in the N1MM+ documentation.  That ran OK for a short while before N1MM+ and the two instances of WSJT-X stopped communicating and stopped logging.  Up to that point, five separate logs came into play (N1MM+ log and an ADIF and "Contest" log from each of the two WSJT-X instances).  At that point I abandoned the N1MM+ and WSJT-X slaved operation and reverted to my original standalone setup in order to at least get an electronic log in DXKeeper.  My standalone setup does not make use of N1MM+ at all.  It just uses two instances of WSJT-X (one for 6m and the other for 2m/70cm) with two instances of JTAlertX feeding the contest QSOs into DXK.  SSB QSos were put manually into DXK.  Now I need to assemble a consolidated Cabrillo log to submit my contest results.  Here's my plan to do that, but I'd like some advice first before I go astray:

1. Start with a DXK backup (of course)

2. Export the runt N1MM+ log in ADIF format for import into DXK

3. Slice out the relevant portions of each WSJT-X ADIF log for import into DXK

4. Have DXK generate the Cabrillo file (after I tag each of the relevant QSOs with a CONTEST ID).

Do I need any sort of special ADIF header for the carved-out ADIF files from the WSJT-X logs (I notice that the N1MM+ ADIF header includes a Contest Name)?  Or can I just get by with a null header, <EOH> and <EOR>?


Step 5 might be to import a DXK ADIF back into N1MM+ to have it do dupe checking and scoring, but that is a question for the N1MM+ reflector.

73, Walt, AJ6T

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