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Dave AA6YQ

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Subject: [DXLab] DXKeeper Audio recording configuration

Hello everyone,

My radio is a Flexradio 6400.
Using DXKeeper I am recording all my QSOs made in CW.

My audio recording setup is:

Soundcard: DAX Audio RX1 (Flexradio systems DAX audio)

Selected this option, I record the audio without problem but only on one side of the QSO (audio RX), I do not record my audio monitor (My side of the QSO, audio TX).
What am I doing wrong ? How can I record both audios (TX and RX audios)

+ See the

"Recording Audio from Both Left and Right Channels" section of


+ Thanks to Wolf DK1FW for the information contained in this section.


Dave, AA6YQ

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