need help with Satellite Tracking interoperation

Dave AA6YQ

In response to my query here about extending DXLab to interoperate with one or more Satellite Tracking applications, Joe W4TV
suggested an approach in which the Satellite Tracking application directly controls the transceiver, and Commander "connects" to the
Satellite Tracking application as if it were a radio. I have extended the next version of Commander to obtain the uplink frequency,
downlink frequency, transceiver mode, and Satellite Name from the satellite tracking application SatPC32, and compute the Satellite
Mode from the uplink and downlink frequencies. This new version makes the uplink frequency, downlink frequency, transceiver mode,
Satellite Name, and Satellite Mode accessible to other applications; I have extended the next version of DXKeeper to automatically
populate the Capture window with this information, eliminating the previous need for manual entry when logging satellite QSOs.

Dave N9FN and Jeff KB2M have been assessing the stream of new Commander versions this effort generated, reporting defects and making
suggestions. Before making a public release, I'll like to test this new configuration on a version of Windows configured to use a
locale (language) other than English. If you've been using SatPC32 to make satellite QSOs use a non-English Windows locale, and are
interested in helping with this effort, please let me know via an email message to

aa6yq (at) ambersoft com

I'll send the new versions of Commander and DXKeeper to the first two qualifying responders.


Dave, AA6YQ

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