Re: Log Size

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

1. Is there a practical upper limit on the DXKeeper database size.

+ The only limit is available storage space.

Mine is nearing 150,000 QSOs, and performance seems slow especially when using WSJT-x integrated into DXSpotCollector, DXKeeper, and DXView. I often, 20% of the time, miss QSO transfers between WSJT-X and DXKeeper.

+ What leads you to conclude that QSOs logged in WSJT-X are not being stored in DXKeeper?

+ Application performance on Windows is governed by a myriad of factors See the "Improving Performance" section of


2. Is there a good strategy that maintains log up/download (lotw, eQSL) status for splitting a log into verified confirmations and others so that DXCC and VUCC stats will be current in a much smaller log for everyday use, and also current in the larger log..

+ No. All QSOs made from the same DXCC entity should maintained in a single log. I suggest that you address the performance problem.


Dave, AA6YQ

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