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Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

1. All of a sudden when importing an adi file I have lost the little box that indicates import status – no. of QSOs, duplicates,, etc. I have tried hooking up a separate monitor to see if it was there – no luck. I have also minimized all but DXKeeper to see if it was behind something else - no luck, and I have moved DXKeeper during the process to ensure it was not behind DXKeeper - no luck. Have tried the “Stats” boc on the bottom of the import panel and can’t figure what it does. Also went back one DXKeeper version without success. Sure could use some help.I can see errors (duplicates) by clicking "Record import errors in error files"

+ Please try this procedure:

1. create an empty new log, and direct DXKeeper to import a small ADIF file

2. when the operation finishes, place the mouse cursor over the DXKeeper "open book" icon in the Windows Task Bar. After a second or three, the Task Bar should display a small window with one entry for each open DXKeeper window. One of the entries should be for the "DXKeeper Import Progress" window that is no longer visible on your monitor.

3. Continue with step 2 of these instructions:



Dave, AA6YQ

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