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Dave AA6YQ

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I am still learning DXLab.

+ Welcome to DXLab, Tim!

So some confusion I am having is with DXKeeper. After making contacts with WSJT-X, I am guessing I import to DXKeeper from the WSJT-X file in the USER/WSJT.adif. After importing, I believe this new file gets added to previous imported contacts which now increases my number of total contacts in DxKeeper.

+ You could do that, but since USER/WSJT.adif records every QSO you've ever logged via WSJT-X, you'd have to direct DXKeeper to enable duplicate checking when importing; that makes the import operation take longer, because each imported QSO must be checked against every QSO in your log.

+ DXLab can interoperate directly with WSJT-X so that logging a QSO in WSJT-X immediately conveys the QSO to DXKeeper -- with no subsequent import operation required. Step-by-step instructions are available here:


Now I need to export the new DXKeeper file to LoTW, eQSL and ClubLog,.

+ DXKeeper provides automation for submitting QSOs to LoTW, eQSL and ClubLog, the prerequisite being that you've configured DXKeeper to interoperate with each service. To learn how to do this, see




+ Step 4.f in the " Configuring SpotCollector" section of


explains how to configure DXLab to submit QSOs to these services as you log them from WSJT-X. You may prefer to instead submit your QSOs to these services in a batch at the completion of an operation session.

This is individually done for each log mentioned. How do I keep from exporting (or uploading) dulicated contacts to these individual logs?

+ DXKeeper's automation will only submit QSOs to these services that haven't already been submitted.

Do I need and external logsuch as N1MM, LOG40M, WINLOG32 or others?

+ DXLab is a superset of LOG40M, WINLOG32, so neither is required.

+ N1MM is a contest logger, meaning that it keep score in real time. There's a bridge between N1MM and DXLab that automatically conveys QSOs logged in N1MM to DXKeeper. Alternatively, you can direct N1MM to export an ADIF file after a contest and import that ADIF file into DXKeeper.

Finally, once I import from WSJT-X to DXKeeper, do I delete the WXJT-X file from the USER/WSJT folder? Again how to eliminate dulicates from being sent to all the logs.

+ If you use the automation recommended above, that's not necessary. Let your logged QSOs accumulated in USER/WSJT.adif.

+ Tim, your questions touch on a lot of DXLab functionality -- interoperation with WSJT-X, LoTW, eQSL, Club Log, and N1MM. DXLab provides automation for each of these, but with automation comes the need for initial configuration. My strong advice is to take things slow: pick a function, review the documentation, post questions here if needed, and master that function before proceeding to the next function. Attempting to master everything at once generally ends in frustration and abandonment.

+ Keep in mind that all questions are welcome here, no matter how many times they may have already been asked and answered, or how obvious the answers may be in the documentation.


Dave, AA6YQ

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