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Dave AA6YQ

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Hi group, I am getting an error message while running the WSJT software running FT8. Not all the time but randomly, I get this message from WSJT "DX Lab Suite Commander, rig did not respond to PTT:On" appears when I hit transmit. A screen comes up with selections, one being RETRY, I click on the RETRY button and in a few seconds later it is operational with the split button that changed to an orange color returns back to the green color.
I have tried everything I can think of in Commander setup, changing RTS to on, off and tx in hopes that might stop the error message but it does not. I am running the most current version of WSJT and was not seeing this error message in any previous versions. I even went back one version but that did not solve the problem.
May this be a bug in WSJT or am I missing a setting in Commander.

+ When two applications that have been interoperating successfully suddenly stop interoperating reliably, the cause may be an update to your firewall or anti-malware.

+ Are your Firewall and Anti-malware applications configured to consider Commander and WSJT-X to be "safe"? Yes

+ What make and model transceiver are you using? IC 7600

+ How is your computer connected to your transceiver? If an external interface is involved, what's its make and model? Via a MicroHAM micro KEYER

+ In the "Primary CAT Serial Port" panel on Commander's Configuration window's Ports tab, how are the DTR and RTS selectors set? OFF and OFF

+ In the PTT panel on the Commander's Configuration window's General tab, is the "suppress CAT" box checked? NO

# As you have things configured, Commander is switching your transceiver between RX and TX by sending it CI-V commands. A possibility is CI-V commands are being damaged by RFI. Try reducing your RF output power; does this change the rate at which the error message appears?


Dave, AA6YQ

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