Re: Trying to understand my error - an inadvertent spot

Mike Flowers

Hi Dave,

Thanks! I have unchecked the 'local spot' configuration items for

I had forgotten about local spots. The network field says local, and
DXSummit tells me that I didn't post these to the cluster. Whew!

- 73 and good DX de Mike, K6MKF, NCDXC Secretary

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+ AA6YQ comments below

Last night at 0420Z I saw on DXSummit a spot for 6O7O on 7017. So, I set
preparing to give it a shot.

I changed WinWarbler to CW mode and ran the WW macro to set the K3 on 7010
(my default freq) in CW mode.

I entered 6O7O into the Call field on the WW QSO Info pane and hit Tab.

Then I entered 6O7O into the callsign field in the Search box on DXView.
the letters of 6O7O turned red, and I clicked the
GO button.

While I was tuning my rig up to 7017 I happened to glance at Spot
Collector and
saw that there was a spot for 6O7O at 7010 - posted by me!!

That's all I can recall doing.

My personal protocol is that I do not spot anything I haven't worked (cuts
on the competition in the pile-ups).

I am wondering how I managed to spot 6O7O - so that I can avoid doing that
sort of thing again.

+ SpotCollector can create and update Spot Database Entries for cluster
DX Summit spots, WSJT-X spots, and local spots.

+ A local spot is directly generated by an application without having
+ ever been sent to the DX Cluster or DX Summit. SpotCollector,
DXKeeper, and WinWarbler all provide the ability to generate a local spot.
SpotCollector's "Spot Database Display", an Entry whose most recent spot
local would have its Network field set to Local and its Source field set
to your
callsign; a locally-spotted callsign appears within angle brackets on
Bandspread and Spectrum/Waterfall windows, and on SmartSDR panadaptors.

+ In WinWarbler, a local spot is manually generated by depressing the
+ Alt key while clicking the Spot button in the Main window's
"QSO Info" pane. WinWarbler provides two options that when enabled will
automatically generate local spots:

+ "local spot on callsign acquisition" in the "QSO Info" panel on the
+ Configuration windows Log tab

+ "create local spots in SpotCollector" in the "Stations Heard" panel on
+ the Configuration window's "Broadband Decode" tab

+ DXLab applications cannot be configured to automatically generate
cluster spots or DX Summit spots.


Dave, AA6YQ

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