Re: DXView / DX Atlas questions

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

I just installed DX Atlas to run under DXView on my Windows 10 (1903) PC. DX Atlas is an impressive program! 2 trivial questions:

- When I start DXView it automatically starts DX Atlas. Is there any way I can tell DXView to not start the program until I click on the World tab?

+ No. The interoperation mechanism employed by DX Atlas causes it to start when DXView starts, whether you've configured DXView to employ it or not.

- DXView starts DX Atlas in a window, is there any way I can tell DXView to start the program full screen?

+ No. DX Atlas does not provide a means by which DXView can direct it to run "full screen".


Dave, AA6YQ

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