Re: Trying to understand my error - an inadvertent spot

Dave AA6YQ

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Last night at 0420Z I saw on DXSummit a spot for 6O7O on 7017. So, I set about preparing to give it a shot.

I changed WinWarbler to CW mode and ran the WW macro to set the K3 on 7010 (my default freq) in CW mode.

I entered 6O7O into the Call field on the WW QSO Info pane and hit Tab.

Then I entered 6O7O into the callsign field in the Search box on DXView. In DXV, the letters of 6O7O turned red, and I clicked the
GO button.

While I was tuning my rig up to 7017 I happened to glance at Spot Collector and saw that there was a spot for 6O7O at 7010 - posted
by me!!

That's all I can recall doing.

My personal protocol is that I do not spot anything I haven't worked (cuts down on the competition in the pile-ups).

I am wondering how I managed to spot 6O7O - so that I can avoid doing that sort of thing again.

+ SpotCollector can create and update Spot Database Entries for cluster spots, DX Summit spots, WSJT-X spots, and local spots.

+ A local spot is directly generated by an application without having ever been sent to the DX Cluster or DX Summit. SpotCollector,
DXKeeper, and WinWarbler all provide the ability to generate a local spot. In SpotCollector's "Spot Database Display", an Entry
whose most recent spot was local would have its Network field set to Local and its Source field set to your callsign; a
locally-spotted callsign appears within angle brackets on Commander's Bandspread and Spectrum/Waterfall windows, and on SmartSDR

+ In WinWarbler, a local spot is manually generated by depressing the Alt key while clicking the Spot button in the Main window's
"QSO Info" pane. WinWarbler provides two options that when enabled will automatically generate local spots:

+ "local spot on callsign acquisition" in the "QSO Info" panel on the Configuration windows Log tab

+ "create local spots in SpotCollector" in the "Stations Heard" panel on the Configuration window's "Broadband Decode" tab

+ DXLab applications cannot be configured to automatically generate outgoing cluster spots or DX Summit spots.


Dave, AA6YQ

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