Re: Commander - ICOM 7300 - Waterfall problem


On 15/09/2019 00:14, Joseph Willis via Groups.Io wrote:
Hello Dave and others - I have successfully connected DXLAB Commander to my computer from my Icom 7300 for everything except the Waterfall screen.  The documentation explains that I need to set the baud rate at 115200 (Silicon Labs CP210X) port.  However, when I try to bump up the speed from 9600 on the Config tab in Commander, I lose the connection, even though I previously set the port to 115200 on my computer !  Googling, I found this on the Silicon Labs web site:

"Icom radios use the version drivers.  Windows update has installed the Universal Windows Driver.  This drivers reports a maximum baud rate of 23800 when used with Microsoft .NET", but there is no fix. 

Have others been able to overcome this limitation with their 7300's ?

Thank you, 


have you taken note of this rig MENU setting described in the manual like this:

CI-V USB Baud Rate (Default: Auto)
Selects the CI-V data transfer rate when remotely
controlling the IC-7300 through the [USB] CI-V port.
L When “Auto” is selected, the baud rate is
automatically set according to the data rate of
external controller.
L This setting is valid only when the “CI-V USB Port”
item is set to “Unlink from [REMOTE].”

Note that the higher baud rates for CI-V over the USB virtual serial port are only available when the "Unlink from [REMOTE]" option is used. I am assuming you are actually using the USB virtual serial port and not the REMOTE jack on the rig (the REMOTE jack is limited to 19200 baud, I believe, and doesn't support the waterfall data stream).




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