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Dave AA6YQ

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Hello Dave and all....I currently have one log file with just over 9600 Qs in it spanning many years

of operation with both contest logs and normal operating Qs in it. I have held and used 3 different

callsigns through my ham career so the log has a mix of Qs using the 3 calls (all were in same QTH).

I also have a paper logbook which I am hoping to enter into this log manually in the near future to make

the log in DXLab more complete. Here are my questions:


1.       For the sake of chasing awards ie WAS WAC or DXCC  do all the contacts have to come from the same callsign

or can they be a mixed variety across the 3 calls I used?? Will ARRL allow this? (sorry, not a DXLab question)


2.       Is using the Auxiliary pane in the Log QSOs tab the easiest way to put the correct callsign against any Qs I manually

add to the log?? Is that the only place to add my used call as I input each old qso?


3.       If I added another column to my main Log QSOs screen to display the callsign I used, what would the adif name be

for that?? Operator?


Any help or suggestions are appreciated.


+ The same 3 questions were posted on September 9:


+ My response is here:





            Dave, AA6YQ

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