Re: Clublog QSO's missing

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

According to DXKeeper all my QSO's are uploaded to Clublog. I do this after every time I finish on the air. However someone asked me why their QSO could not be found on club log and when I checked it wasn't there. DXKeeper said it was uploaded. I right clicked on the QSO in the log page and uploaded it to clublog again. I right clicked and uploaded it to club log a second time and I got the error message Upload to Club log succeeded dupe (or words to that effect). It was now appeared on a search in clublog. Obviously although it was originally reported as uploaded it wasn't and when I tried twice it definitely had been. So this poses two questions - why was it originally reported as uploaded when it wasn't and how do I now check all the QSO's in my log against club log's version of my log to make sure all QSO's are all there and there are no dupes?

+ DXKeeper only marks a logged QSO as "uploaded to ClubLog" if it was uploaded with a positive response from Club Log. If a logged QSO marked in DXKeeper as "uploaded to Club Log" is not present in Club Log and you haven't been manually altering the Club Log status of logged QSOs, then I suggest asking Club Log about it.

+ You can spot check an individual logged QSO by directing DXKeeper to upload it to Club Log and seeing if the response is "dupe". There is no "check all logged QSOs to confirm their presence in Club Log" function; I doubt that the Club Log folks would appreciate my adding one.


Dave, AA6YQ

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