DXKeeper Award Tracking error


After formatting my C: drive and re-install Win10
I re-install in E:\HAM\DX Lab Suite the DXLaucher and he re-install all the other programs (they wasn't deleted because they are on the E: drive) no problem found work good
So start ALL the DX Lab Suite progs and now before DXKeeper load I become the next error:

++ DX Keeper Award Tracking 
++ CQ-WAE award file E:\HAM\DX Lab Suite\DXKeeper\Databases\CQWAE.txt contain an entry that does not specify the region's continent

Here the CQWAE.txt

1,206,4U1V,ITU Vienna,CQ,WAE
2,248,IG9/IH9,African Italy,CQ,NoWAE
4,259,JW/B, Bear Island,CQ,WAE
5,279,GM/S,Shetland Islands,CQ,WAE
6,390,TA1,European Turkey,CQ,WAE
This file is from 23/05/2008

How to fix this

73 de Pat ON2AD

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