Re: RESOLVED - Missing Spots in DX-Atlas

Russ Ravella

Should anyone else make the same mistake I did, let me post what happened after I responded to Dave's request above which resolved my confusion (there was no real problem).

As you can see, Dave had me light up the entire selection space.  That did indeed reveal every spot on the map that survived my SC filters as far as I could see (as you know where there are a lot of spots the map can get cluttered making it hard to verify).  Anticipating what Dave was going to have me do next, I started unselecting each option one-by-one until spots that I thought should show up that didn't disappeared again.  This revealed that I had only selected two of the three NA regions as origins in DXView>Plot Settings>Origin but I have all three selected for my SC Origin filter.  So, as usual, DXL was doing exactly what it was being asked to do.

For what it's worth, the reason I have things set up this way is I live in a highly HOA constrained neighborhood and have a pretty basic antenna.  With that, I am especially unlikely to hear (let alone be able to work) any station spotted from outside the US or even my region of the US.  Also, I am currently concentrating on non-US station goals.  So I usually look at spots OF anywhere but the US, FROM only the US.  I vacillate on the value of including the two NA regions I'm not in as Origin options (if I don't there are often few if any spots at all).  Apparently at some point I selected all three as spot sources but had only two selected for display (in DX Atlas' configuration).  So it looked like spots in SC weren't being displayed on the map that should be.  Following Dave's diagnostic approach revealed the problem.  Since there might be others with a similar game plan, I'd make sure you make similar selections In SC and Map options to avoid this confusion.

By the way, as I was completing the last step, I did indeed receive an email from Dave suggesting I do exactly that - of course...

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