Missing Spots in DX-Atlas

Russ Ravella

Hi Dave,

I’m noticing lots of spots that survive my SC filter setup (Continent and Orgin and (Age < 60 minutes)) aren’t plotted on the DX-Atlas map but many are.  DXView Config>Plot Settings>Selection>Lifetime is set to 1 hr (and Spots + QSOs are selected), all bands and modes are selected, everything in Band Filter except 4,2,70 and ? are selected (which are not = missing plots), and the Continent and origin filters are set same as in SC.  Can’t see anything in Config>World Map that would seem to explain it. I can’t see a pattern in which spots aren’t plotted.

I’ve got something set wrong but can’t find it.  Any help would be appreciated as always.
Thanks, Russ KR6W 

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