Re: Populating WinWarbler 'Call' field from SpotCollector spot

Mike Flowers

Thanks, Dave!

Apparently during my initial setup, I hadn't clicked the
SpotCollector:Config:General:Digital Mode Application:Connect button.

Once I clicked 'Connect', it all works as explained in the link below.

- 73 and good DX de Mike, K6MKF, NCDXC Secretary

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Subject: Re: [DXLab] Populating WinWarbler 'Call' field from SpotCollector

+ AA6YQ comments below

Is there a configuration to allow the WinWarbler 'Call' field to be
populated from
a double-click of a SpotCollector spot?

Currently I am copying the callsign from the 'Outgoing Spot: Call' field
SpotCollector and pasting it into the WinWarbler 'QSO
Info: Call' field.

+ That should be happening automatically when you double-click a Spot
Database Entry for a station operating in PSK or RTTY. To make
it happen when you double-click a CW or Phone Spot Database Entry, see



Dave, AA6YQ

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