A minor thing, but I'd like to understand ...

Mike Flowers

Hi Folks,


This is a very minor thing, but it leads me to questions about other things.


I now have two 32” monitors and I’m loving it.  I can have lots of DXLab windows up and still have room on my desktop to do other boring apps like Word, etc.  Almost 6 sqft of desktop!


I’ve saved my settings to my workspace.  When I bring DXLab up, PropView will not return to where I had positioned in on Monitor 1, but returns to a position on Monitor 2, right next to where I had it on Monitor 1.  Of course, it is most trivial to move it over to where I want it.


So, how do I go about convincing PropView to start up on Monitor 1?


A follow-on question is:  How is the default/start up position of a window determined and where is this information stored?  The registry?  Just guessing here.


Thanks for the great support!!


- 73 and good DX de Mike, K6MKF, NCDXC Secretary


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