Re: DXView suggestion: Audiable clock alarm for DX Entity Sunrise and Sunsets. Greyline

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

DXView suggestion: Audiable clock Alarm for DX Entity Sunrise, Sunsets, and other grey matter reminders

The idea is to use DXView's built-in Sunrise and Sunset times, tied to a choice of one or two selectable DX entities, and a setting to trigger the built-in audio alarm in SpotCollector. Though programming this may not be as easy as it might seem(?).

The other 'alarm clocks' here don't work well, so the above suggestion would be useful. I, for one, keep missing Greyline openings. The reminder notes on the operating table get lost or buried. The rig's alarm clock isn't easy to set, nor is it reliable, or audible. The small alarm clock on the table gets knocked on the floor. My own ability to remember appointments is not what it used to be, and my sense of "wait time" is usually overtaken by trivia.

+ Unless you position the computer system hosting DXLab next to your bed, any smaller "remote speaker" meant to convey a bedside alarm from DXLab will suffer the same fate as your alarm clock.

+ My advice: use a clamp to secure your alarm clock to your bedside table.

+ Historical note: an early DXLab user suggested that SpotCollector be extended to control a device that would shock him awake in his bed when an all-time new one was reported to be QRV.

+ There are now devices available that you can wear when sleeping to monitor your blood's oxygenation and heart rate, and vibrate to awaken you if these parameters fall outside specified bounds. Perhaps one of these will accept a "vibrate now" directive via TCP over WiFi, in which case SpotCollector could be extended to awaken you when appropriate.


Dave, AA6YQ

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