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I do have a Mac but also run Parallels with Windows 10. I was under the impression I could run it?
You can run the DXLab Suite in Windows 10 under Parallels on your Mac. I do it every day. Everything runs with no problem in Windows, no matter the underlying hardware.

I am still learning and appreciate your info. I have DogparkSDR and Maclogger DX if that makes any difference?
None whatsoever. Everything is done using the components of the DXLab package.

Right now I am really at the bottom of the ladder as far as learning this stuff. Thanks for that info!!!
Don’t hesitate to ask questions when needed, there are many here to help you. As I say, I use the DXLab software on my Mac every day, and I’ll be happy to help you work out any difficulties you encounter.

Just to qualify that, however, I’m not at all familiar with the Flex software and can’t do much there. There are a lot of users here, though, who can cover that area.


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