Error in Recompute Actions report

Ted Boerkamp

HI Dave....I happen to do a recompute of my award status the other day and a weird error popped up with one callsign

that I had worked back in February in the WPX RTTY test.....NA6O...

The error coming up states Broken: invalid primary or secondary subdivision....changed secondary subdivision

from “blank” to PAC.

I had imported this contest log and the report was a serial number so not sure how this was “changed”.

Currently in DXKeeper, when I show this contact, I have two words flashing blue state and county in the Award part

of the logged qso. Beside the state there is a box with PAC in it. Beside the county is also PAC,

How do I fix this?? Can I edit the qso to make the State and county blank?? The guy is in California.

The other Qs from the log I imported have the state and county blank.

Any help is appreciated.

I want to try and use LOTW soon so I want to make sure I have no existing errors before I eventually upload.

Thanks again

73  Ted VE3SS

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