Re: LOTW download?

CSM\(r\) Gary Huber - AB9M

Well I did have DXKeeper backups running, but it appears that stopped when on the conversion to Windows 10 Pro (64 bit). I had ACRONIS doing backups and had completed a full backup just before the crash and Reset files were supposed to be kept but non Windows 10 applications were deleted.

I am still trying to recover the ACRONIS backed up files but at this point have NOT found AB9M.mdb.from 7/28/2019. 

Since there was no DXLab Suite folder after the reset, I reinstalled everything and loaded the latest backup file I could find for DXKeeper (which turned out to be dated 12-06-18). When I follow the instructions from <> the download fails and there is a message stating "LoTW_QSLs.ADI is already open". If I try to import a N1MM adi file to DXkeeper, I get the same message. Importing adi files used to work, so I need to know what I'm doing wrong before I can import files again or recover from LoTW. 

Obviously I have leaned much from this crash, among them, files disappear on physical connected drives and the cloud when you reinstall apps and it is best to take a breath recover files and put them in "safe storage" before starting to reload the computer.


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