FT4 questions

Norman Heyen

Hi folks,

Nothing to do with DXLab but this forum is full of unusually helpful and knowledgeable hams.

I've been trying to use FT4 but not ever finding any decoded messages. I know this is considered a 'contest' mode but is it only used for contests? Are the FT8 frequencies used for FT4? I'd like to play with this a bit before an actual contest, never a good idea to learn something new under pressure.

I've got DXLab setup to work well with WSJT-X 2.1 and JTAlert, works really well (for me) on FT8. But when I choose the FT4 mode, I get a big red background with yellow frequency shown. And the dropdown for frequencies doesn't appear, I have to type in '20m' to get the radio to change frequency. And not all of those go the frequencies used by FT8.

So, what am I doing wrong and where can I go to get more information?




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