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Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

So many people spot FT4/FT8 QSOs as either CW or RTTY.

How can I make a "filter" to exclude the areas of the bands that have FT8/FT4 activity?

+ If you wanted to hide Spot Database Entries for stations operating in the standard FT8 watering holes on 40m and 20m, you'd use an
SQL expression like

NOT ((FREQUENCY>=7074) and (FREQUENCY<=7077) or (FREQUENCY>=14074) and (FREQUENCY<=14077))

+ However, 1A0C has announced that its using 7071 and 14071 for FT8, so you'd have to expand the above expression while 1A0C is QRV:

NOT ((FREQUENCY>=7074) and (FREQUENCY<=7077) or (FREQUENCY>=14074) and (FREQUENCY<=14077) or (FREQUENCY>=7071) and
(FREQUENCY<=7074) or (FREQUENCY>=14071) and (FREQUENCY<=14074))

+ There is a better way to hide Spot Database Entries for stations operating in FT4 or FT8!

+ Instead, you should

1. upfsyr your sub-band definition file to specify the sub-bands on which FT4 and FT8 operation is currently taking place, as
described in


2. terminate and restart SpotCollector

3. click the Mode button in the Filter panel at the bottom of the SpotCollector's Main window

4. in the "Mode Filter" window that appears, uncheck the FT4 and FT8 boxes (at the beginning of the next-to-last row of checkboxes)

+ If you are running the current version of SpotCollector (8.3.6), then your SpotCollector folder contains a sub-band definition
file named

BandModes 2019-05-02.txt

+ that includes sub-band definitions for both FT4 and FT8.

+ You can configure SpotCollector to use this file, or you can edit this file to expand or contract the sub-bands it specifies. If
you do the latter, give it a new name, like

Bandmodes KU7Y 2019-07-20.xt

+ so that it won't be over-written the next time you direct the Launcher to upgrade SpotCollector.


Dave, AA6YQ

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